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UAD Modulation & Tapes Pack Wrapper

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Get UAD Brigade Chorus, UAD Studio D Chorus, UAD Waterfall Rotary Speaker, UAD Oxide Tape Recorder and UAD Studer A800 Tape Recorder Wrappers 33% off!

Get the UAD Compressors Pack here:

Get the UAD Preamps, EQs & Channel Strips Pack here:

Get the UAD Reverbs & Delays Pack here:

With these m4l devices you will be able to use the Universal Audio Brigade chorus, the Universal Audio Studio D chorus, the Universal Audio Waterfall rotary speaker, the Universal Audio Oxide tape recorder and the Universal Audio Studer A800 tape recorder like Ableton native plugins.

This includes mouse clicking, midi-mapping, automating, visuals, etc.

These are wrappers, so you still need to own the UAD plugins (you can get them here:

Included wrappers:

  • Brigade Chorus
  • Studio D Chorus
  • Waterfall Rotary Speaker
  • Oxide Tape Recorder
  • Studer A800 Tape Recorder

These wrappers works with both UADx (native version) and UAD (hardware version). So you can use it with an UAD audio interface or with the Spark subscription, for example.

Get the individual wrappers here:

Magnetic Tapes:


Waterfall Rotary Speaker:

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Updated 27-nov-23
Solved some issues with Windows PCs and VST. Now the leds in the waterfall's audio meter and next to the balance knob work. Also the valve next to the drum speaker will glow too. Fixed an issue with the tapes velocity. If you can't see the tapes or the waterfall's speakers, check the user manual.
Updated 12-nov-23
The waterfall rotary doesn't need the opening Max workaround in order to load the image anymore. The magnetic tapes now look smoother, can be zoomed without issue, and I fixed a bug that caused crashing.
Updated 30-oct-23
Improved VU meter accuracy. Now the device latency matches the plugin latency (so Ableton can "delay-compensate" it correctly). Fixed some minor bugs.

UAD Modulation & Tapes Pack Wrapper

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